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Is it time to let go of the limiting beliefs and negative emotions that have been holding you back? Check below to find the right program for you.

In-Person Sessions in Pensacola, Florida or on Skype/Online Worldwide

​Free Consultation

The Services I offer are not for everyone. I like to be sure we are a good fit before we agree to work together. To arrange a free no obligation consultation please complete the contact form. 

Breakthrough Session

A Breakthrough Session is an intensive therapeutic experience. It allows you to achieve your goals in a specific area of life, moving you from a stuck state.

​2 full days or 3 or 4 sessions. Preferable to do the sessions as close together as possible.

Mini Breakthrough

When you don't need a full Breakthrough yet still have issues to work on. This is the perfect fit.

2 half days or 3 or 4 short sessions.  

The option to upgrade to a full breakthrough is available  if required. 

Business Services

Arrange a consultation to discuss how the techniques I use can improve leadership and enhance team productivity, group cohesion and individual's confidence. 

​I offer trainings & presentations on Mindset and Tapping techniques.

Follow Up Session 

A top up for previous clients. Not available as stand alone sessions. 

Watch out for occasional limited availability stress relief specials.

 If you want something you don't see here feel free to ask. ​

Trish Taylor Coaching

Hear From My Clients

"I'm just amazed at how 3 hours can change so much! I was dealing with anxiety, stress and fear, to the point that I was crying almost daily....In the past few weeks I don't remember crying once,. Worth EVERY penny and I feel it was more effective than traditional therapy!" Valerie B.

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The techniques I use may be unlike anything you have experienced before.  Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Mental Emotional Release allow you to access the power of your unconscious mind to get the results that you want. Eliminate and change behaviors, release negative emotions and mental blocks and be free to work towards your goals.

​Tapping Techniques Modern psychology and ancient acupressure meet in EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique and TFT -Thought Field Therapy. Tapping on the body’s energy meridian points offers a natural, drug-free, system to eliminate negative emotions and be free from stress, phobias and trauma. Creative Visualizations allow you to powerfully focus on what you want. I can teach you these techniques to use at home.

Arrange for a Free consultation by using the contact form below. Discover if you are ready to invest in your future with these life changing techniques.

Major Life Events

Divorce, career change, empty nesters, bereavement.

Success Mindset

Banish poverty mentality
Set goals and learn techniques to achieve career success

Health & Fitness

​Your relationship with food, body image and exercise

Stress Management

Learn innovative techniques that you can use at home.

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