Why You Are Stressed and What To Do About It

Do you suffer from overwhelm? When we face overwhelm and stress it makes everything we need to do more difficult. It becomes hard to focus and concentrate because our mind is being pulled in many directions.   When I had a regular job I was good at getting things done, often well ahead of schedule. […]

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Ways To Be Less Lonely

Do You Want To Feel Less Lonely? Do you have moments where you feel you will never make friends?  As we move locations, shift into different phases of our lives, or go to college, it can be tough to make new friends. I Was Lonely When I Left My Country You may be surprised that […]

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15 ways to change your mood instead of smoking a cigarette

I’m sure I’m not alone in having one of those type of days. Yesterday lots of little things didn’t go according to plan and then there were things happening to friends and family that had me worried. So I looked at a friend’s pack of cigarettes and thought, I could just have one… Thankfully the […]

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It’s Time To Fire Your Head Coach

Are you ready to fire your Head Coach? The one you hear from every minute of every single day? Imagine you get up in the morning and your appointment with your coach starts like this. You really are a waste of space What can you honestly say you have achieved this week? I think you […]

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Stop drinking

1000 Days Without Alcohol

I Quit Drinking I cannot believe it myself. It is over 1000 days since my last drink. Do you drink? Or maybe you eat donuts? Smoke marijuana? Are addicted to the gym? We all use something to change our state. To make us feel better. You may not feel you are addicted. I don’t think […]

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Fix Your Grumpy Morning

I awoke grumpy and irritated. There seemed to be too much to do and everything was irritating me. Food in the fridge was going bad and needed cooking, dishes needed washing, unanswered emails, irritating social media posts, laundry to fold, optician appointment to make, repairs to organize. You may have days when you feel completely […]

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Don't Let Being Scared Stop You

I woke this morning thinking about what I need to do to complete my book on Fear. I began to worry, thinking about some of the personal information I will be sharing. Maybe I don’t want that out there in the world? I considered going back and deleting everything that might be embarrassing, or the […]

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Disaster Or a Useful Life Lesson?

Turn your Screw Ups Into a Life Lesson Are you open to learn a life lesson? Has something happened to you recently that you wish hadn’t? Are you prepared to accept it as a life lesson instead of believing you screwed up or made a big mistake? I’m not sure if everything happens for a […]

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Use These Easy Affirmations To Create A Great Day

If you struggle with knowing what to say when doing affirmations here are some ideas. Choose a few that resonate with you and say them regularly. Write them on a sticky note or as a note on your phone to remind you. We get what we think about so why not think positive and encouraging […]

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Is Overwhelm and Comparison Stealing Your Joy?

When we compare ourselves and our achievements to others it can be tempting to become despondent. I have recently been around people  who seem to be doing really well, starting new businesses, decorating their homes, planning vacations – being successful. I had a depressing moment of comparison and it seems that poor little old me […]

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