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Taster Session

If after your FREE consultation you would like to try out a technique before signing up for a full package.

 I am offering  taster sessions for new clients in this short but intensive session you can:
Set  a goal and put in your timelines
Learn EFT and TFT Tapping Techniques
(Not available if your issue is health related and requires a doctor referral)

Breakthrough Session

An intensive experience with a full personal history session
One half day and two shorter sessions plus a follow-up session.
Preferable to do the sessions on consecutive days or close together.
This also includes specially created affirmations.

Accelerated Breakthrough

2 x half day sessions or 3 shorter appointments.

Follow-up sessions
(Not available as stand-alone option if you require a doctor referral)

NEW Monthly Follow Up Packages Available 

Please make sure you have discussed the best choice for you before submitting payment.
You will receive a confirmation email with details of how to book your session.

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