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I'm Never Drinking Again

Tired of hangovers and guilt and shame yet not ready for a program?If you are ready to look at your drinking without fear of judgement this is for you.  

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Why Am I Scared?

Fed up of people pleasing and not living the life you want? This book  is packed with techniques and resources, as well as honest and funny stories.

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Trish Taylor

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Speaking Engagements

Trish is available to speak on a number of
 inspirational topics including: 

  • Respect in the workplace 
  • Imposter Syndrome and confidence building


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  • Stress relief using visualizations and affirmations
  • EFT and TFT Therapeutic Tapping Techniques
  • Goals setting using powerful mindset techniques 

New Book "Respect in the Workplace: You Have to Give it to Get It."
Co-authored with Best selling author Eric Harvey

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