Trish Taylor
Mindset Coach
Ready to make a BIG change? I can help

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    ​NLP Mindset Coaching
     Maybe you don't want therapy or traditional coaching?  This options uses the power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and other Innovative Mind Technologies. Work through the issues that are important to you and find answers, solutions and strategies. Can be used for Confidence, Career Change, Weight Loss and Exercise Motivation, or ask for a consultation to find out if it right for your issue.
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    VIP Breakthrough
    An intensive therapeutic experience that allows you to explore what has held you back and finally move forward in a major area of life.
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    Free Clarity Call
    Arrange a free 20 minute call to discover how my years of experience and these amazing techniques can help you.
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  • Mindscaping

Tapping Techniques

​Tapping Techniques Modern psychology and ancient acupressure meet in EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique and TFT -Thought Field Therapy. Tapping on the body’s energy meridian points offers a natural, drug-free, system to eliminate negative emotions and be free from stress, phobias and trauma.

Works for stress relief, motivation, relaxation, emotional issues.​ In fact there is very little I have come across that Tapping cannot help with. And I can teach you to do it at home.