Over 25 Years of encouraging dreamers to achieve their goals

Want to learn more about NLP? Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a set of tools and techniques that can help you to let go of the negative and focus on what you want.

Discover strategies, techniques and resources that can help to improve your mindset
and feel confident to live the life you've been waiting for.

What's Next?


From people-pleasing to drinking to respect in the workplace, Trish's books are well-paced and offer solutions to the faces you are challenging in your life.

In-Person NLP Coaching

NLP Breakthrough: A Life-Changing Program is for the big 'Thing' that you have been meaning to deal with for so long. Trish can help you get there.

Speaking & Workshops

Trish is available to speak on a number of inspirational topics including respect in the workplace, Imposter Syndrome, and confidence building. She also offers workshops on stress relief, EFT & TFT,  and goal setting.

"After just one session with Trish I gained clarity to focus on my goal of buying a beautiful home in Boca Raton, South Florida. and have gone on to achieve it in the time I set. I now get together with Trish regularly every few weeks or so to continue setting & achieving other goals. I highly recommend working with Trish!!!"

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I post helpful videos with techniques you can begin using immediately. My channel has over 100 videos. If you think there is something missing connect with me and I will do my best to make a video next time I'm recording if it is something I can help with.


I am an author, speaker encourager and fearless dreamer-in-training. I specialize in helping those who are tired of feeling stuck and are ready to let go of the negative emotions and limiting beliefs that hold them back. For over 25 years I have provided individuals, groups and businesses with support, encouragement and innovative solutions.

Trish Taylor

What Others Say


Well written, well paced and very well researched. I enjoyed the anecdotes that brought humor and a personal touch to the book. This book is for any of us searching for ways to increase our effectiveness and push back from negative actions. Resources for alternative therapies are included. Exceptional editing as well!

Meghan G.

Amazon review for Why am I Scared? Face your fears and learn to let them go


Trish helped me cope with a very tumultuous period in my life. Her calm, patient, non-judgmental approach to her students from various stages of life and varied emotional issues makes her a truly amazing teacher - with her ability to help all to work toward a peaceful life. I highly recommend her as a teacher she has a huge amount of intelligence and insight into the soul.

Ceil R.



I attended the NLP and Tapping workshop yesterday with Trish Taylor. The energy was amazing and left me wanting to experience more. If you are feeling stuck in any situation in your life I highly recommend attending this free workshop you will discover the unlimited potential and power within you Trish is a blessing. May you be blessed

Tullio Lowd

Workshop participant

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