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Author Speaker and Trainer helping you let go of your fear and Imposter Syndrome to live your best life.

Doing it Your Way?

Some of you know that I have just celebrated my 10 year wedding anniversary with my husband. We had a great weekend of celebrations ending with a night in a lovely hotel on the beach. Marriage is a huge challenge when you think about what it really is. Two individuals coming together from completely different […]

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When I moved to the US from England almost 9 years ago, I didn’t know if I would ever be able to make the kind of friendships that I had spent a lifetime developing. I heard the stories, that once you become an adult you never make friendships in the same way, or that people […]

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Do You Love It? Do You Need It, Would You Wear It Today?

One of my favorite luxuries masquerading as a necessity is choosing something from the make-up counter that I really need during ‘bonus/gift time’. If you are unfamiliar with this concept let me explain, cosmetic companies give away samples of their goods, you receive this ‘gift’ if you spend a specific minimum amount. The gift is […]

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Client Testimonials

Pensacola Life Coach Testimonials Find more testimonials at my website  Pensacola Life Coach is the Blog of Trish Taylor Coaching NEW! “I had a session with Trish several weeks ago, and I’m just amazed at how 3 hours can change so much! I was dealing with anxiety, stress and fear, to the point that I […]

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Beauty Is Everywhere

This little guy was sat on a tree in my yard and seemed happy to pose for photographs. Sometimes it is the simplest things that cost us nothing, that can bring warmth to our soul. Look closely at the natural beauty fantastic colors and transparency. Just perfect.

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