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Author Speaker and Trainer helping you let go of your fear and Imposter Syndrome to live your best life.

A Letter To My Younger Self

A Letter to Me Writing a letter to your younger self is a wonderful way to evaluate choices and make better ones going forward. Read mine and then why not write your own? Dear Trish, There is so much I wish you knew right now. Then again if you knew it, you wouldn’t be who […]

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A Letter To Money

“Money is like an arm or leg – use it or lose it.” Henry Ford Dear Money, I am sorry for my behavior towards you, for judging you. I listened to gossip without attempting to get to know you, measuring  your worth by the way some of your admirers behaved around you. Your abundance means […]

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The Law Of Attraction Made Simple

What Is The Law of Attraction? What is this law of attraction stuff all about you ask? There are currently lots of books and videos available as well as many ‘gurus’ selling products and trainings based on this ‘Law.’ Much of the information is excellent, yet what you need to know is fairly straightforward. These […]

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No News Is Good News

The past few days  have had the best most productive and positive  I have had in a long time. How did I do it? I stopped reading the toxic stuff on Twitter, ignored the arguments on Facebook and turned off the news. Though not completely switched off from current events, I  found  the  level of […]

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Are You Really A Perfectionist Or Just Procrastinating?

Are You A Perfectionist? Are you waiting for the absolute optimum time to start your project? tidy your closet? change your job? change your life? It’s not the right time yet but you’ll know when it is, right? That’s bull and you know it, There’s never going to be a right time, it will never come and […]

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Anger Hurts

What are you really angry about? When you focus your energy on the emotion of anger, it hurts you emotionally and then can ultimately also damage you physically. When other people are angry with you, you must remember that it is always about them and never about you. We meet people every day who are […]

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Are You A Sucker For a Bargain?

Are you a sucker for bargains? Do you buy things you don’t need to fill an emotional need? I certainly used to. Now I am learning to buy things I want and need and still get pleasure from finding bargains. It is possible to do this without overspending or ending up with things we won’t […]

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Why Your New Year Goals (Probably) Won't Work

Resolutions come and go, what do they say about us? When we continually make and then give up on resolutions, it can mean that we are unhappy with our life but we don’t know how to make the change.  If every January you make a less than convincing effort to make a change, before settling […]

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A Natural High

A Natural High I did not think I could get through a Christmas season without drinking or enjoy my birthday or get through difficult times. Yet I can and I did. We drink, take drugs or eat food to change the way we feel yet there are other ways.  Here are 10 ways to change […]

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My Christmas Wish For You

Answer This Question? I want you to answer a question and then I want you to think about it for awhile. Is there someone in your life who needs your forgiveness or a second chance? Someone who should be round the table this holiday season, but wont be? All I Want For Christmas Is a […]

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