Be Nice …. To Yourself!

I woke up this morning (oh yes that does sound like the beginning of a blues song) and I was annoyed with myself. I couldn’t seem to get  motivated and wasn’t very productive until lunchtime. I also remembered that I had eaten a load of junk over the weekend.  I fell into the bad habit of negative self-talk.  The things that I heard myself saying were extremely mean and not in the least uplifting.
And then, it hit me, hold on, would I talk to anyone else the way I was talking to myself? Of course not.  I took a step back and thought about the weekend and accepted that that there were reasons why I had eaten the way I had. I also recognized that I was being unnecessarily harsh on myself for having  a slow start to my day which was not helping the situation.
It got me thinking about how we treat ourselves in comparison to how we treat those that we love. Let me ask you, do you hold yourself to an impossible high standard? are you sometimes downright mean to the person you see in the mirror?
The next time you start to give yourself a hard time, think about what you would say if you were talking to someone else.  I’m guessing you would not criticize, demean or yell but would be supportive, loving and caring.  We need to learn to love ourselves and accept our mistakes just as we would anyone else.
Let’s plan to be a lot nicer to ourselves and of course to each other.