Aug 20

Don’t Let Being Scared Stop You

I woke this morning thinking about what I need to do to complete my book on Fear. I began to worry, thinking about some of the personal information I will be sharing. Maybe I don’t want that out there in the world? I considered going back and deleting everything that might be embarrassing, or the […]

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Aug 01

Disaster Or a Useful Life Lesson?

Turn your Screw Ups Into a Life Lesson Are you open to learn a life lesson? Has something happened to you recently that you wish hadn’t? Are you prepared to accept it as a life lesson instead of believing you screwed up or made a big mistake? I’m not sure if everything happens for a […]

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Jul 10

Use These Easy Affirmations To Create A Great Day

If you struggle with knowing what to say when doing affirmations here are some ideas. Choose a few that resonate with you and say them regularly. Write them on a sticky note or as a note on your phone to remind you. We get what we think about so why not think positive and encouraging […]

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Jun 01

Is Overwhelm and Comparison Stealing Your Joy?

When we compare ourselves and our achievements to others it can be tempting to become despondent. I have recently been around people  who seem to be doing really well, starting new businesses, decorating their homes, planning vacations – being successful. I had a depressing moment of comparison and it seems that poor little old me […]

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Apr 19

Saving For a Rainy Day? Maybe It’s Already Pouring?

What are you depriving yourself of? I was recently able to spend time with my Mum on Mother’s Day (It’s in March in the UK) and bought her a nice smart cardigan as a gift. We were going out for lunch and I suggested she wear it. After initially deciding to keep it for ‘best’ […]

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Mar 15

Let’s Talk

I have lived in our neighborhood for over 10 years. I see myself as friendly and outgoing. Yet there are only a few neighbors that I know well. In the past two weeks I have talked to complete strangers and dared to ask them their names. So what has caused this new boldness? Well the […]

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Mar 02

A Letter To My Younger Self

A Letter to Me Writing a letter to your younger self is a wonderful way to evaluate choices and make better ones going forward. Read mine and then why not write your own? Dear Trish, There is so much I wish you knew right now. Then again if you knew it, you wouldn’t be who […]

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Feb 14

A Letter To Money

“Money is like an arm or leg – use it or lose it.” Henry Ford Dear Money, I am sorry for my behavior towards you, for judging you. I listened to gossip without attempting to get to know you, measuring  your worth by the way some of your admirers behaved around you. Your abundance means […]

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Feb 01

The Law Of Attraction Made Simple

What Is The Law of Attraction? What is this law of attraction stuff all about you ask? There are currently lots of books and videos available as well as many ‘gurus’ selling products and trainings based on this ‘Law.’ Much of the information is excellent, yet what you need to know is fairly straightforward. These […]

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Jan 24

No News Is Good News

The past few days  have had the best most productive and positive  I have had in a long time. How did I do it? I stopped reading the toxic stuff on Twitter, ignored the arguments on Facebook and turned off the news. Though not completely switched off from current events, I  found  the  level of […]

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