Jan 18

Are You Really A Perfectionist Or Just Procrastinating?

Are You A Perfectionist? Are you waiting for the absolute optimum time to start your project? tidy your closet? change your job? change your life? It’s not the right time yet but you’ll know when it is, right? That’s bull and you know it, There’s never going to be a right time, it will never come and […]

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Jan 11

Anger Hurts

What are you really angry about? When you focus your energy on the emotion of anger, it hurts you emotionally and then can ultimately also damage you physically. When other people are angry with you, you must remember that it is always about them and never about you. We meet people every day who are […]

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Jan 04

Are You A Sucker For a Bargain?

Are you a sucker for bargains? Do you buy things you don’t need to fill an emotional need? I certainly used to. Now I am learning to buy things I want and need and still get pleasure from finding bargains. It is possible to do this without overspending or ending up with things we won’t […]

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Dec 27

Why Your New Year Goals (Probably) Won't Work

Resolutions come and go, what do they say about us? When we continually make and then give up on resolutions, it can mean that we are unhappy with our life but we don’t know how to make the change.  If every January you make a less than convincing effort to make a change, before settling […]

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Dec 20

A Natural High

A Natural High I did not think I could get through a Christmas season without drinking or enjoy my birthday or get through difficult times. Yet I can and I did. We drink, take drugs or eat food to change the way we feel yet there are other ways.  Here are 10 ways to change […]

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Dec 14

My Christmas Wish For You

Answer This Question? I want you to answer a question and then I want you to think about it for awhile. Is there someone in your life who needs your forgiveness or a second chance? Someone who should be round the table this holiday season, but wont be? All I Want For Christmas Is a […]

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Dec 07

Love Your Amazing Body

Name a Diet and I’ve Done It I used to dream of a life where I could eat whatever I wanted. I have spent most of my adult life not loving or appreciating my body. I have been on most diets you have heard of and some you won’t have. Becoming ‘thin’ was my obsession. […]

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Nov 30

I’ve Failed and It’s Ok

Failure Do you ever feel like you are completely failing in your plans? It’s ok. Failure is simply feedback, telling us we are off track. I’m learning from mine and you can too. Life Seemed Easier Back Then In my previous life in the UK, I was never particularly ambitious. I always used to say […]

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Nov 23

Mind Your Body Language

Our body language is a powerful indicator of the way we feel and can tell others much more about us than our words ever can.   Our tone of voice and body language are extremely important in making connections with people we may not know so well. When we first meet someone it can be […]

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Nov 16

Create Rapport And Get Along With Anyone

Create Rapport And Get Along With Anyone It is possible to use rapport to get along with anyone and yet there are times when you may have good reason for not wanting to develop and maintain rapport. What Is Rapport? You know that feeling you get when you meet someone and it seems as if […]

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