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15 ways to change your mood instead of smoking a cigarette

I’m sure I’m not alone in having one of those type of days. Yesterday lots of little things didn’t go according to plan and then there were things happening to friends and family that had me worried. So I looked at a friend’s pack of cigarettes and thought, I could just have one… Thankfully the […]

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Forgive Quickly

Being hurt by people we love is incredibly difficult to handle and doesn’t seem to get much easier with age. The relationships that make us feel good also have the potential to make us feel really terrible. We have people in our lives that we love deeply and they are also the ones who seemingly […]

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Time To Let Go?

What are you holding onto from the past that is spoiling your life? What does it benefit you to keep holding on? Only you are responsible for your emotions. We often say “he/she makes me feel…” In reality only you have the power to make yourself feel anything, you can choose your emotions. You have […]

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