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Feb 14

The Last Straw

When was the last time you did something for the last time? You experienced the final straw, a situation got on your last nerve. Your pain point was reached, your rock bottom, you were finally forced to make a change. The last straw according to the story is the straw that broke the camel’s back. […]

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Nov 23

Mind Your Body Language

Our body language is a powerful indicator of the way we feel and can tell others much more about us than our words ever can.   Our tone of voice and body language are extremely important in making connections with people we may not know so well. When we first meet someone it can be […]

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Aug 31

Are You Seeing Anyone? How To Annoy Your Single Friends.

So Are You Seeing Anyone? If you are one of the growing band of happily single people, you probably don’t post about it on Facebook. You are too busy out there, doing exciting stuff that those of us who are married are maybe a little bit envious of. The pendulum seems to be swinging towards […]

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Jul 27

How Our Canoe Trip Became Couples Therapy

When I agreed to spend a hot summer weekend away, with my husband and some of his Army buddies. I didn’t expect it to turn into a couples therapy session. It was sold to me as a relaxing canoe trip. We would take in the sun, have a few drinks along the way and then […]

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Jul 21

Learn To Say No Like Pete

One of my closest friends is an expert on saying no. He’s famous for in our small circle of friends, if we don’t want to do something we refer to it as “Pulling a Pete”. Pete is a warm, friendly and smart guy who I am proud to call my friend. He is however unusual […]

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Feb 19

Tomorrow Never Comes

I am very grateful for my Mum, she always used to say that she only had an elementary education and yet I am reminded daily of lessons I learned from her. She was part of a big Italian family living in England with lots of fascinating and sometimes crazy stories of their experiences growing up […]

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Feb 10

My Tacky Valentine

I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day as defined by the consumerist world we live in.  Cheap chocolates in heart-shaped boxes, (he only did that once) and overpriced flowers that don’t last. A poor excuse for bad relationships to drag on for just a bit longer, you can’t dump someone just before the most romantic […]

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Jan 14

Why Texting Is Bad For Relationships

Last year a group of friends and I did the annual St. Patrick’s Day Run in Pensacola. It’s a crazy party masquerading as a race with over 15,000 participants. As we lined up to run my friend Jessica was struggling to contact some of our other friends that we had planned to meet. The huge […]

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Dec 02

Relationships Are In The Details

My husband Al doesn’t  know how to stack a dishwasher, or rather he doesn’t know how to stack one efficiently so that everything gets clean, you know? the way I do it.  My stepson Jarvis and I also joke that  we wonder if he really lives here, because when he is responsible for emptying it, […]

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