Client Testimonial

Here is a testimonial from a client who recently had an NLP Breakthrough Session. These sessions  can be  done on any major area of life  where on feels stuck and can be broken down into manageable chunks to suit the client.
“There are times in your life when you need to acknowledge you are stuck, when you need to trust someone enough to reach out. Meeting with Trish really helped me take ownership of my next steps. I was at this point of wanting to work through the issues that were holding me back in my personal life. Trish helped me deal with some of my past relationship pains and envision a future that I want. She was just the right person to help me with the breakthrough sessions and define my values. The safe space she creates and her skilled implementation of a variety of techniques ensure a positive outcome. She is dedicated to you finding success and genuinely cares about you.
She is a master of guiding visualizations. She really hears you and helps you envision a future in a way that you feel as if you actually experienced it!
The resources she shared with me and the books she recommended were extremely helpful and tailored to my needs. The break through process helped me be more aware and introspective. It helped me find my
motivation to take the steps I needed to take to reach my goals with the confidence needed to make it happen.” Robin. J