Are You Seeing Anyone? How To Annoy Your Single Friends.

So Are You Seeing Anyone?

If you are one of the growing band of happily single people, you probably don’t post about it on Facebook. You are too busy out there, doing exciting stuff that those of us who are married are maybe a little bit envious of.
The pendulum seems to be swinging towards the single life in the happiness stakes. The married are still posting their sweet happy posts. Sometimes maybe trying a little too hard? We’re so glad that you have a devoted and sacrificial relationship. Maybe tell that to the person sat next to you on the couch.  Meanwhile the  singles are living the high life, doing all the stuff we imagined we’d do with our spouses.  Isn’t it time they settled down? be honest, if you are married that is the thought that has occasionally crossed your mind.
Commitment is a huge deal. Relationships are amazing, rewarding and fulfilling. They can also be; demanding, tough, exhausting and are entirely optional.  When we fall in love, biology programs us to want to completely abandon ourselves to our significant other and in that fog of romance and lust it is almost impossible to allow reason into the mix.
If you are married and happy, great, me too, if you are married and  have single friends, be mindful that they may not want fixing up with that fascinating  guy/gal from the office or church.  If you are not sure you can always ask them. The idea that your friends actually enjoy finding themselves ‘set up’ at your next dinner party, might mean you have watched too much TV, or may not be the close friends you used to be.  Most of my single friends are  balanced, fulfilled and yes intelligent and attractive too and are not waiting to be completed by anyone. Oh and on the list of annoying questions to ask your single friends , “Are you seeing anyone” is probably a bit like when you get asked “when are you starting a family/having another baby?”.
It’s 2016. Be married, be a single happy person, be whatever you want. Your friends lives do not have to follow the path yours took. And please all you amazing fulfilled happy single  people, show us your “I have it all posts.”  Maybe it will cause  some of the “I wish I was married” folks to pause for second..
P.S. One of my marriage compromises is that I am cat-less. My husband doesn’t like cats. I have told him one day I will buy a house especially for a cat where I will go and have sleepovers a few times a week 🙂