Time To Let Go?

What are you holding onto from the past that is spoiling your life?
What does it benefit you to keep holding on?
Only you are responsible for your emotions. We often say “he/she makes me feel…” In reality only you have the power to make yourself feel anything, you can choose your emotions.
You have probably heard that being angry is not good for your heart, did you know that other negative emotions can also contribute to health problems? These can include guilt and jealousy. When your emotional heart is hurting it also  can damage your physical heart. If you are still burning with anger over something that someone said or did and are not ready to let go, think about it in a different way. If someone stabbed you in the back, would it benefit you to stab yourself in the heart to get back at them?
So how can you let go? Firstly it is a decision, deciding to let go begins the process of loosening the hold that the emotion has over you. After that you can experiment with any number of techniques; meditation, yoga, writing your thoughts in a journal. It may be that the first person you have to stop being angry with is yourself.
Life can be precious and beautiful or painful and hard, much of it is based on our choices.
My clients find a simple visualization process called Time Empowerment, also known as Mental Emotional Release  is very effective at allowing them to let go of negative emotions. If you are interested in working with me on any issues please get in touch.
Recommend Reading:
The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Don Miguel Ruiz