How Much Do You Want Success?

One thing I guarantee this holiday season is that Santa did not  slide  your career or fitness goals nicely packaged under the tree. If you want something you have to really want it, you have to want it because it is for you and not for someone else, and you have to decide to do whatever it takes. There is no magic pill, app, device, contraption or technique that will make your dreams happen. Though there are tools that can support your goal they are not enough on their own. You will also need the following.
A clear idea of what it is you want.
Realism about what is possible, which is way more than you think.
A decision to take action
An even stronger decision to Ignore your critics
A commitment to do whatever it takes.
So now is the time to take the next step and and to ask yourself, do you really want to succeed or do you just like the idea of it?
How much do you want success?