Help For Feeling Completely Overwhelmed

“Sometimes even to live is an act of courage.”
― Seneca
Have you ever been completely taken aback by feeling of frustration and complete overwhelm?
I began the day writing a blog that was going to knock your socks off.  It was to be full of inspiring tips of how to have an amazing day, then it all fell apart. Technology started to fail, my website wouldn’t do what it was supposed to, a new paid plugin failed and the technical support suggestions made it worse,clear your cache they said. I then couldn’t get access to anything and my stress and frustration meant I couldn’t remember my passwords and log back in.
Of course I have a range of self help tools that can solve problems like this, well today I couldn’t even access that part of my brain.
I  developed a new technique that is not recommended for everyone.  It is a mixture of ugly crying combined with hysterical maniacal laughter, in addition a range of swear words were also screamed at the computer. After that I did some therapeutic tapping and began to feel better.
I work really hard to practice what I preach and yet the one emotion I struggle to handle is frustration, I have only recently learned that I am not as patient as I had previously imagined. As I  began to calm down I was reminded that In his book ‘Blink’, Author Malcolm Gladwell discusses a type of ‘temporary autism’ or ‘mind blindness’ that occurs when we are in fear or panic, we stop being able to read situations and we lose perspective. Today in my mind, the only important task was to get my stuff back up and running at the expense of everything else, including eating.  Now I am able to reflect that nothing was as important as I thought and yet when we are in the situation we cannot always see our way out. For anyone who works for themselves they will understand the added anxiety of having no one to ask or bounce ideas off.
Perspective is a huge issue. I love helping people to overcome obstacles and I can often see a clear and simple way forward when they cannot.  Gladwell discovered the answer to avoiding this temporary paralysis was to breathe, slow things down and escape the sense of urgency. It is easy to get things out of perspective and become emotionally overwhelmed.  Tomorrow if I cannot figure out my technical issues, I will take  a deep breath and do a very British thing, have a cup of tea!
If you get have days like this and get stuck, why not try Tapping using Emotional Freedom Techniques?  I have lots of videos that can help.
Click here for a Free video technique for stress
What is the one thing that can overwhelm you and throw you into a tailspin? Let me know in the comments.