Tomorrow Never Comes

I am very grateful for my Mum, she always used to say that she only had an elementary education and yet I am reminded daily of lessons I learned from her. She was part of a big Italian family living in England with lots of fascinating and sometimes crazy stories of their experiences growing up in the war years,  she delighted in telling us these stories when we were kids.
This week I called her, I wanted to ask her some questions, to be reminded of the tales and funny sayings from her childhood. I have been promising myself for years I would sit with her and record them at some point. I have been in the US for ten years and every time I go back home, I get so busy I never seem to spend enough time with her and my Dad. Now It’s difficult to talk to her on the phone as she is hard of hearing. When I talked with her she couldn’t answer my questions, couldn’t remember, she said it was all so long ago. There didn’t seem to be much point in pushing it.
We currently have endless opportunities  to record things electronically, but a post on Social Media is not as rich and evocative as  a story woven from memory along with the humor and emotions.  My procrastination means I may have missed an opportunity that will not come again.
Time is the one commodity that is truly limited, even though it’s easy to feel we have all the time in the world.  What is it that you have been promising yourself you will do? is it taking care of yourself? spending more time with family? quitting your job? making a fresh start?  Pick up the phone, make the visit, make amends, forgive, be brave, the tomorrow you are waiting for may never come.
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