My Tacky Valentine

I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day as defined by the consumerist world we live in.  Cheap chocolates in heart-shaped boxes, (he only did that once) and overpriced flowers that don’t last. A poor excuse for bad relationships to drag on for just a bit longer, you can’t dump someone just before the most romantic day of the year, can you?


Guitarist Darren Dutson-Bromley and I at a Gig

Working as a singer in restaurants I used to  watch stressed out couples, checking their phones for babysitter calls, choosing from a menu they didn’t like, forcing themselves to be romantic while I sang the words. “Your looks are laughable, unphotographable  (My Funny Valentine). Darren, my favorite guitarist and I were once invited to test the special dessert menu. Publicly consuming a huge platter of pink drinks and desserts ‘made for sharing’ only fueled  the false notion that we were a couple.
The options for single people on this special day are even worse. Some of my female friends are considering celebrating by getting together for ‘Galentine’s Day’ as encouraged by fictional character Lesley Nope from Parks & Recreation. Not sure what the guys will do now football season is over?
My cynicism is not about love or relationships which of course should be honored and celebrated. My concern is the pressure to create the perfect day, along with a vomit worthy pink gift and a 2 foot high card.
I believe in romance, I believe in love, I don’t believe in being manipulated into following what a card company or store decides romance is or should be.
Of course there’s no rule that says you have to celebrate the day at all.  Here is my suggestion.  Do something you absolutely know that your loved one adores doing, or have an honest conversation and plan a day/date that you both want.
Whatever you do, be loving, giving and forgiving, that’s the best gift of all. I would love to hear your stories how do you keep love alive, what are your recipes for a successful romantic life and will you be celebrating Valentines Day?