Why Wait To Start Your Bucket List?

Why wait to start your bucket list?

If you knew you had a limited amount of time, what is it that you would really want to do before that time ran out? Well you do have a limited time. We may not know how much time we have, but we do know it is limited. Like many of you, I have a bucket list of sorts, some of it is very grand and ambitious and some of it is very simple; doing a handstand and a cartwheel is still on my list!
I find that when I write things down I am one more step closer to achieving them. I have a list of about 60 things and often when I go back to look at it I realize I have achieved something and can check it off and add something new.  Some of the things on the list seemed impossible when I added then but I achieved them anyway
Why not spend this weekend writing that list of things you have always wanted to do. Once you have done that you can start checking it off.
“Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ― Jamie Paolinetti