Do You Want Perfection Or Sanity?

Many of you are overwhelmed, too much to do, too many deadlines and you are suffering because of it. What I would like you to do right now is take a step back and ask yourselves some questions.
Is everything you are worrying about really that vital?
Will the wheels fall off if you take a break?
Who are you trying to please?
Is this the life you want?
When we try to do too much and don’t allow ourselves the space to process information and emotions we become pretty crappy at doing all of them.
I had a bit of a moan to my husband recently you know the “we never do anything together” kind of conversation. He pointed out that I was spending every waking hour on the computer and didn’t even watch TV  programs with him as I was l always focussed on something else. This really struck me.  I have been chasing my tail, feeling overwhelmed sitting up late on the laptop and not really solving any of my problems effectively. I started to do some serious thinking about my life and I realized I have given up prioritizing having fun. I have been so obsessed with solving every problem on my list I forget that this is a life for living not just a to-do list.
I may not consider myself a perfectionist yet I do have high standards and am very particular about offering great service to people and being reliable.  But often these type of standards mean that  people like me and probably you if you are reading this, sacrifice our mental and physical health in the pursuit of perfection. I had a boss a few years ago who recognized this in me and insisted that I call him at intervals  and tell him about a problem and tell him that I didn’t care. He knew that the business we were in was so overwhelming that we had to let go of over-caring or we would burn out. Of course I didn’t stop caring I burned out and quit!
Ask yourself this final question.
If you knew you did not have much more time to live , what would you keep in your life and what would you let go of? Don’t dismiss it so quickly. Seriously! Write a list of everything that you would say “NO WAY am I using my last bit of precious time on that.”
What is on that list that you can begin to let go of today?
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